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Welcome to Watch Breaking Bad Online

Welcome to Watch Breaking Bad Online!

This is your one-stop resource site for all your Breaking Bad viewing.

Here you can get information for each of the 5 seasons, how to watch Breaking Bad online, as well as information throughout the site on how and where to access or purchase Breaking Bad episodes.

If you are a subscriber of Xfinity or Optimum, then you can watch directly from AMC’s Breaking Bad site: Click here.

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Breaking Bad Season 1

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Breaking Bad Season 4

Breaking Bad Season 5

Understandably, many people would prefer to purchase Breaking Bad DVDs or Breaking Bad Blu Ray. Just click on the following links if you wish to do this.

Breaking Bad Season 1 DVD

Breaking Bad Season 2 DVD

Breaking Bad Season 3 DVD

Breaking Bad Season 4 DVD

For more information on watching or purchasing specific episodes, please check out Breaking Bad Episodes.

So why Breaking Bad I hear you ask? Well if you are asking this – it means one thing: you haven’t been watching the show.

Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows there is, not just now, but ever made. This isn’t just my opinion, but it is the opinion of many critics out there. It can regularly be seen in the top ten lists of best TV shows ever. It’s in the Writers Guild Top TV Shows Ever and it’s No.3 in IMDB’s highest rated TV shows. Here the Atlantic Wire give a passionate argument of why Breaking Bad is the best TV series EVER.

If you have already seen it, you will understand what all the fuss is about. If you haven’t – well, you are in the right place to start.

Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, a mild-mannered, put-upon chemistry teacher who is living the everyday drudgery of a life fallen short of what it might have been. This all changes when he gets a diagnosis of terminal cancer and realised he has to make some big money fast in order to provide for his wife and child should the unthinkable happen. He happens to witness an attempted arrest of some meth dealers, one of which he recognises as his former student, dropout Jesse Pinkman. Walt decides that with his knowledge of chemisty, and Jesse’s street smarts, the two might make a successful duo in manufacturing and selling meth. All this is complicated by his wife growing ever more suspicious, and his brother-in-law Hank now realising that the new meth dealer he is chasing is much closer to home that he would ever realise.

breaking bad home

There are also many online streaming websites where you can access and watch Breaking Bad online, although it is your own responsibility to investigate the legality of these sites from where you are viewing. In my experience it’s rarely worth the trouble or the risk of watching from a questionable source. It’s only a dollar or two to get a high quality, legal, virus-free episode as well as peace of mind.

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