Watch Breaking Bad Online

Breaking Bad Season 5 Online

Watch Breaking Bad Season 5 Online

Woooooooow Have you been watching the new season of Breaking Bad? Because it is absolutely incredible. Breaking Bad is a show like no other in terms of getting bigger and bolder with every season. And season 5 is certainly no exception.

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Wow how do you follow such a season finale like that? When last we saw Walter White, he was feeling ‘quite well’ after having exploded half of Gus Fring’s face off. He tells Skylar its over – but I think we all know perhaps it’s just beginning.

What on Earth is Walt going to do next? We know this is the final season so things are definitely going to come to a head. Walt has so many forces working against him. Is there going to be a final stand-off with Jesse? Is Hank going to finally catch up with ‘Heisenberg’? What about Walt’s cancer – how long can he stay in remission? Maybe Mike will want revenge? What about the Mexicans? How long is Skylar going to put up with it all?
Basically there’s a million things that could go wrong with Walt. And only 16 episodes for it all to unfold.

Could Walt kill Hank? Certainly

Could he kill Jesse? Probably

Could he kill Skylar? Possibly

Could he kill Walt Jr? Surely not…. but you never know!

The final season sees Walt pushing it ever more, self-appointing himself as the new drug kingpin. Mike would like to see the back of Walt, but unfortunately fate is keeping them together for the time being, and Walt is pushier than ever. Will Mike put up with him, or does he have a choice?

Jesse, Walt, Mike and Saul continue to work together, but as usual, things rarely go to plan – and this time the consequences are bigger then ever. And as far as Walt is concerned – everything up to now has only been a practice run for the real deal….

Breaking Bad is a show blessed with incredible characters such as Saul Goodman, Mike Ehrmantraut and Jesse Pinkman. Saul in particular is my favourite character. And I am pleased to tell you there are rumours of a spin-off show with Saul as the main man. This would be amazing and no doubt hilarious!

I would like to see more of Mike. Maybe there could even be a spin-off prequel show? Mike – the early years (or the directly before he met Walt years. That’s pretty much where things started to go downhill for him).

And Jesse of course. Jesse reflects perfectly the anti-thesis of Walt. He had remained well anchored during this whole process – no doubt because his role of sidekick has kept his ego in check. But despite everything he has seen and done, he remains somewhat innocent. He is now the main person that I root for to do good (and doing good in Breaking Bad simply means surviving each episode to the end. This show has more death that Six Feet Under).

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  1. Snow

    A couple of thngis that makes Vince Gilligan a genius –1) The opening scene where the camera is focused on the fly. Walt makes such a big deal over that fly in the worst episode of Breaking Bad and how one small detail can contaminate everything. And it was Walt who kept that book for Hank to find.2) Out of all the states Vince Gilligan can choose for Walt to run off to, he picks New Hampshire – who’s state motto is “Live Free or Die” – incredible.

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